Writing Alone is Hard- But There's a Simple


A Facebook Coaching Group!

 If you want support on a budget, then this group

coaching option might be for you.

For $47 a month, you can have monthly group coaching with Darcy to help supercharge your writing.

You'll get:

  • a 45 min group coaching session with Darcy
  • answers to your specific questions (2 per person per month)
  • the support of other writers during your writing journey.

This is perfect if you want support on a budget.


And at $11.75 a week, it's a steal!


Seriously, that's cheaper than your weekly coffee



Coaching works!


Coaching will help you on your specific journey, unlike

training- which gives you tools but not the way to apply them

to your specific circumstances.


 There's a reason why elite athletes, CEOs and senior

 executives use coaches.

They know that to succeed, you need someone who is on the

  journey with you. 


Someone as invested in your success as you are.


You deserve that support on your writing journey, too.

Don't let another day, week or month go by while

your writing dreams wither on the creative vine!


Writers are given the desire to write for a reason- because

they have a gift for reaching the hearts of readers and making

 a difference to their lives.


That's an important role to play in the world.

 Now more than ever, the world needs story tellers from all

 walks of life. People with different experiences and

 perspectives to touch hearts and minds of all sorts of readers.


There are people waiting for your stories.

 People who need to hear from you.


So what's holding you back?


Fear? Lack of confidence?

 These are common blockers, and issues we'll address in the

 monthly coaching sessions- because you're not alone if you're

 experiencing them.


In fact, you'd be odd if you didn't experience these emotions!


So enough hiding, let's get your creativity out into the


Don't worry- if you change your mind, you can unsubscribe at any time-so

there's nothing to lose!